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Lifestyle The Box - Talk to a trainer and you can get started!
Effective and exciting – this class will definitely get your heart pumping!

Lifestyle THE Outdoor
Outdoor with both long and short pulls, combining strength training designed to improve your overall conditioning and power. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery at Fornebu all the while getting your work cut out for you!

Lifestyle THE Core
An effective workout focusing on the entire mid-section, strengthening the inner core muscles and the lower back. Essential for overall strength, stability and injury-prevention. This class is a good supplement to your regular training-regime, and is appropriate for all fitness-levels.

Lifestyle Wake UP
A mystery-box challenge to you all; you’ll never know what you’ll get. But we can promise you that it will be fun, highly effective and that it’ll push you to your limits! Are you up for the challenge?

Lifestyle THE Circuit
High intensity intervals coupled with short recovery periods, where we go full out for 20 seconds, and rest for 10. The ultimate class to boost fat loss, increase your conditioning, and build muscle – all at the same time! Short and brutal, but highly effective! Maximum results in minimum time!

Lifestyle YOGA
he hour is a slow dynamic form of yoga with simple to moderate exercises that strengthen both the body and the mind. Exercises are performed at a leisurely pace with focus on breath. Modifications will be given to customize the exercises as needed. The class suits all levels.


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