What is performance?

Personal Training

Personal training for us, is a way to meet our members on a personal level. It gives us the possibility to motivate a healthy lifestyle while doing what we love – working out!
We encourage 25 minutes sessions, since we believe that you can always fit half-an-hour into a busy day.

Team Training

Team Training – personal training as a team, it’s fun and affordable.
Drop the idea to some colleagues, friends or family – Make a team and come and get started!

Corporate training

Corporate training is a training concept for employees in businesses. The employees can train together as a group. Unbelievably good for both health and not to forget , team building!


Our Personal Trainers

Take your training to a new level with our hand-picked team of personal trainers and group trainers. We offer personal training fully focused on you and your goals! Our personal trainers will help you to achieve your goals through a combination of cardio, strength training, stretching and flexibility exercises.

Tel: 99868889  Mail:  jesper.makholm@fornebuporten.no

Jesper Makholm

Wellness Manager /Trainer - Level 3

Jesper has long experience within the fitness industry, both in establishing commercial premises, and training clients. In addition to train you for the everyday challenges he will prepare you for competitions i.e. in skiing, swimming and running. He is also a massage therapist, and therefore particularly interested in rehabilitation and functional training.

Robin Strandberg

Trainer - Level 3

Robin is a personal trainer and group instructor. He got his education in Sweden and has obtained an expertise within injury prevention and rehabilitation training. Robin is a former professional Thai boxer and is still active within the sport.

Tel: 99868889  Mail: hilde.bjornebole @fornebuporten.no

Tel: 99868889

Mail: hilde.bjornebole@fornebuporten.no

Hilde Bjørnebøle

Trainer - Level 2

Hilde has worked as a professional dancer in both television and dance productions since 2009. She has long experience as a personal trainer, group trainer and dance teacher.
Hilde is ready to motivate and push you to your next level whether you need to improve strength, endurance, flexibility or dance step.

Mobil: 45264274  Mail: johnny.wallenius@fornebuporten.no

Mobil: 45264274

Mail: johnny.wallenius@fornebuporten.no

Johnny Wallenius

Trainer  - Level 1

Johnny is a well-skilled spartan trainer and a real tough viking! He will prepare you for your first or next obstacle course race (OCR), building up the strength and endurance your body need  to challenge yourself every single time. 

Mobil: 47679824  Mail:treatment@fornebuporten.no

Mobil: 47679824



Massage Therapist / Trainer
- Level 2

Lise-Lotte has worked in the training industry for 15 years. In addition to being a personal trainer, she has a bachelors degree in nutrition physiology, and she is a massage therapist. She has trained people at both ends of the training scale. She helps her clients to reach their goals and their potential. She believes specialized and safe exercise will provide better mental and physical health, prevent injuries and pain and increase quality of life.

Mail: KARI.ANDERSEN@FORNEBUPORTEN.NO  Mobil: +47 913 02 653


Mobil: +47 913 02 653

Kari Skonnord Andersen

Trainer - Level 2

 I graduated as a personal trainer at  Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in 2018.

I have spent the last few years testing different training methods to gain more experience with my own training.

I can help you get started with working out and will gladly make programs personalized to you.

My goal is to help people find the joy of exercising and having an active life.

Tell me your goals and we will reach them together



Our Price list



12 months binding time:
499, - per month

 6 month binding time:
699, - per month

Registration fee 390, -

Personal training 

At Lifestyle we offer a hand picked team of personal trainers which in addition to excellent PT educations, has experience as pro dancers, kick boxers, obstacle course race (OCR) athletes and rehab/strength trainers. 

Level 1:

25 min  1.session 350,-

55 min 1.session 550,

Level 2:

25 min 1.session 450,-

55 min 1.session 650,-

Level 3:

25 min 1.session 550,-

55 min 1.session 900,-

Team training

This is a product where you can train with a trainer, in small teams of 2-6 persons. You can join a team, or you make a team!

From 99 - 320,- per person.

Corporate training

Corporate product is for firms small or big. We make the workday more efficient by activate the employees in sessions from 15-45 minutes. The activities varies from office-stretching to outdoor running, made especially for your firm!

From 900 - 1400,- per session.


 Our GroupActivities

Group activites should be fun and an energyboost in your daily life. We have a great range of activites, both for your with high ambitions but also activites focusing on relaxaing and a balancing lifestyle. Challenge yourself with the popular curcuit tuesdays and wednesdays  course or a classic outdoor workout on thursdays  – we can’t wait to get you onboard!  


Group Classes

We offer a wide range of group lessons. Here you can participate in yoga, strength circuit training, boot camp, martial arts, dance, spinning, skierg and various ballgames.

Our instructors are on hand to motivate and inspire you through the different hours



Member price 30min 70,-
Member price 60min 120,-

No member 30min 85,-
No member 60min 150,-

Please contact lifestyle@fornebuporten.no if you have any question or problem with login to our booking system.