Our GroupActivities

Group activites should be fun and an energyboost in your daily life. We have a great range of activites, both for your with high ambitions but also activites focusing on relaxaing and a balancing lifestyle. Challenge yourself with the popular curcuit tuesdays and wednesdays  course or a classic outdoor workout on thursdays  – we can’t wait to get you onboard!  


Group Classes

We offer a wide range of group lessons. Here you can participate in yoga, strength circuit training, boot camp, martial arts, dance, spinning, skierg and various ballgames.

Our instructors are on hand to motivate and inspire you through the different hours



Member price 30min 70,-
Member price 60min 120,-

No member 30min 85,-
No member 60min 150,-

Please contact lifestyle@fornebuporten.no if you have any question or problem with login to our booking system.